Some quotes we have selected from the 2015 LOAD workshop evaluation forms:

“Thank you for three most encouraging workshops.”  DS, Herefordshire.

“I loved meeting the other artists – I would do this once a month, and pay! And the workshopping we did on social media helped me see how you can make it useful and specific.”  LH, Powys.

“More of the same please.”  HP, Herefordshire.

“Extremely interesting.  I really enjoyed hearing professional artists’ problems – made me glad I was a civil servant.” JS, Herefordshire.

“I want to come to other workshops, stay in touch!”  SD, Herefordshire.

“A friendly, interactive workshop, it has given me understanding and some new confidence.” MK, Worcestershire

“You have focused my thoughts and targets, thank you.”  MR, Herefordshire.

“The workshop gave an accurate overview which helped me take stock.  It re-affirmed some of my perspectives as to how the art market works.  Very informative, much needed and a good networking opportunity!”  KC, Powys

“It has opened my horizons and made me more positive.”  SP, Herefordshire.

“A good dynamic among the group, meeting artists and ideas etc.  Great to network with other participants.”  PT, Herefordshire.

“It has helped to talk through the symbiotic relationships of the players of ‘the game’.  Upbeat without over simplifying.”  RC, Herefordshire.

“Has given me more ideas for accessing funding.  Thank you!  I felt engaged and part of a group.”  RI, Shropshire.

“It has given me a clearer idea of how to be more structured and plan my output.”  KM, Shropshire.

“Brilliantly run.”  JJ, Shropshire.

“It was refreshing to encounter someone like Jo who has a no-nonsense approach to the art market.  I realise I need more contact with her ilk!”  DS, Herefordshire

“The session has helped me begin to understand the art world and fresh possibilities.”  RB, Herefordshire.