Ludlow Open Showcase

The 2013 Ludlow Open Showcased the work of the sculptor Tim Covington.

Prior to working as a sculptor Tim worked extensively as a stonemason, most notably at Lincoln Cathedral.  During his time at Lincoln he studied for an MA in Fine Art,  and then spent 18 months as assistant and resident artist in the Shropshire studios of Stephen Cox RA.

The primary focus of Tim’s sculptural practice is with the working of stone, specifically stone which has meaning to him and from from areas in which he has lived.  From the softer limestone of Lincolnshire to the incredibly hard basalt local to Ludlow, he feels it is important to show the material partially in its natural form, reflecting both its inherent beauty as a material and the initial possibilities and restrictions which confront him as an artist.  Sculpturally, each piece varies from hand carved to machined to carefully built, each a process of personal interest and equally each reflecting a discipline hard won.

Please click on the image tile to see some of the works showcased.